Onsite visits from £89+VAT

We can help you with any make, any model, any age and any condition!

How does it work?

Onsite inspections involves one of our expert Engineers visiting your premises. Besides convenience, the advantage of an onsite visit, compared to our postal/courier service, is that we are able to look at how the AED is kept and managed and advise on best practice.  Also many customers like to witness the dynamic testing which demonstrates exactly how the device will react and respond during real-life use which is great for product familiarisation.

The Visit : For your convenience, we offer three types of visit options depending on the urgency and according to how flexible you can be for an appointment. An “untimed” visit is usually arranged within 7 to 10 days and takes place between 8am and 4pm, Mon to Fri. A “timed” visit provides you with a pre-arranged 2 hour appointment slot within 7-10 days, Mon to Fri, and an “emergency” visit gets an Engineer onsite within 48 hours with a 2 hour, pre-arranged appointment slot.

Basic Inspection & Diagnosis: Included in the charge for the visit is a basic inspection and diagnose of any problems. Repairs are charged extra and the price depends on what is required. If we cannot fix your defibrillator on the day, we will arrange a fixed price quote to include the parts and labour required.  

Test & Certification: The test and certification is priced at £60+VAT. We recommend having your device tested and certified following a repair. The certification process involves measuring the actual energy discharged by your AED or Defibrillator using simulated arrhythmia waveforms. Therefore, we cannot test and certify a faulty AED or defibrillator.


Some of our frequently asked Questions

What if I already know what the problem is?

We recommend a diagnosis first because this will gain you an overview of your machine condition which you can take into account when deciding whether to proceed with a repair. However, if you are confident you know the cause of the problem, you can bypass the diagnosis and tell us exactly what you need. We will then give you a fixed price for the repair. In this case, you will assume all the risk and we will ask you to pay upfront.

How soon can you visit?

Engineer visits are arranged at mutually convenient times usually within 7-10 days of your booking. Appointments are made during weekdays between 8am and 5pm. A Priority Callout is available as an upgrade option which will guarantee you a slot on the next available route typically within 48 hours. We will contact you by phone or email to agree a convenient time and date.

What will it cost?

For pricing options, please ask. If it is possible to repair your machine during the first visit, we will do so. Repairs are always charged extra. If it is not possible to fix your machine on the first visit, (for example, if new parts need to be ordered) we will quote you a fixed price for the repair. It may take us a few days to get a fixed price confirmed especially if we need to place enquiries with our suppliers. However, we can normally give you an estimate on the day.

What if new parts are needed?

No problem! We take care of all the details for you, including ordering of parts and arranging a time to return and fit them.

What if I decide not to go ahead with the repair?

You are not under any obligation to have the machine fixed! In this case, you will be charged just for the callout and diagnosis visit. 

When do I pay?

Payment in full including VAT will be due with order unless you have a pre-agreed credit account. Extras can be paid for on the day of the visit. You can pay by card. Our Engineers DO NOT CARRY CASH and are unable to give change. Please do not offer to pay by cash.

Can I cancel the visit?

You can cancel the booking at any time up to 1 working day prior to the visit date and we will endeavour to re-arrange the visit or we will refund your payment. If you have asked us to order parts you may still be liable for the cost of these parts. Cancellations made less that 24 hours before the visit date may be subject to a non-refundable callout charge unless we are able to re-allocate your appointment slot.

Do I need to wait in all day for your Engineer?

This depends on what level of callout you choose. If you choose an economy (untimed) callout then you will need to wait in until we arrive. However, with a premium callout we will offer you a 2 hour time slot so that you will not need to wait around all day!

What if the problem is not solved?

We will look after you and arrange for our Engineer to return, free of charge, if the problem is not solved.

What is your hourly charge?

There are no hidden charges and no hourly rates to worry about. What we quote you is what you pay.

What if the problem can’t be fixed?

All faults can be fixed but in some cases, it is simply not cost effective to repair a machine. If we feel that your machine is beyond economic repair, then we will tell you and explain why. In such cases, our Engineer will be able to help you find a suitable replacement machine to suit your work out routine and budget using our trade-in service.

Is the repair covered by a warranty?

All parts we supply and fit and our workmanship are covered by a full 6 month warranty.